Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Thirty days and thirty nights, Been putting up a real good fight, And there were times I thought you'd win...

The water lapped at my bare, bronzed toes. My dress danced around my thighs, begging for it's freedom. The sand gave in to my feet as we walked down the shoreline. The sun was slowing sinking, leaving everything basked in it's golden glow. The tequila had done the same hours ago. It made me feel invincible and the words out of my mouth delectable. It made the water exciting, and the sparks running through me, electrifying. His hand was glued to mine, squeezing so tight, maybe to keep me from running. Maybe to keep me moving. Either way we walked down the beach, laughing and comfortable. Caught up in our own buzz. His hair shone in the setting sun, my eyes sparked. Our real life seemed so far away and yet so close. We had rocked vacation. We had rocked the wedding, and the only thing left to do was to climb on a plane and take the long ride home to the real world. 

But for the night, we were content to just walk the beach, party with the wedding goers, and enjoy what the other had to offer. Tomorrow was still hours away and the real world could wait. 

Paradise was calling... and we had to answer

'Cause you and Tequila make me crazy, Run like poison in my blood, One more night could kill me, baby, One is one too many, one more is never enough...

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