Friday, December 26, 2008

I'll make it all better

I took care of my Christmas shopping list in about two hours. I wasn't willing to fight the crowds. Well, in truth I get kind of freaked out when there are two many people and it is just me. Despite the gobs of people in the stores I become very withdrawn and almost lonely. I become very aware of myself and what I am doing, how I am walking and the decisions I am making. Most often this is avoided because I go shopping with someone else, but it couldn't be helped this week...
Today however I was out at Old Navy with a friend and while I felt the urge to become withdrawn I fought it off with valor. While I was standing in line waiting to be checked out, I was practicing my favorite hobby. People watching. Post-Christmas is a wonderful time for my hobby, people are everywhere and they are two busy to pay any attention to a boot-clad, skinny jean wearing, 5'11'' brunette. 

Today was no different. I was blending in rather perfectly watching a five year old girl entertain herself while her mom waited in line. I watched her gaze pass over the pajamas and slippers, slide over the jewelry before it got caught on a bin of multi-colored soccer balls. I knew this was my kind of girl when she passed over the less-important stuff for the soccer balls however this theory was even more solidified when i saw what she pulled out. She dug for a while through the balls, passing over the green with blue spots, purple with yellow stripes, and the solid pink balls for.... a stethoscope. Yes she did. My kind of girl. Sure it was plastic and probably didn't work, but the fact still stands that she picked the stethoscope. She pulled it out with a huge grin on her face and yelled for her mom. She turned around, smiled at me, put the stethoscope in her ears and listened to her mom's upper thigh. She diagnosed her mom then told her not to worry, she could fix her. 

This christmas I got a stethoscope for Christmas. Probably the best gift my older brother has ever given me. I'm not in a position to say that I can fix it, but I'll listen (especially to your heart) as long as you will let me!

I was standing in a ridiculous line at Old Navy today, partaking in the after Christmas sales. When a little girl came up to 

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Krysten said...

i'm too tired to come up with an elegant way to say this...but thank you. for everything. i don't know what i would do without you.

i lvoe you.