Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm Spicy!

I want to be just like my seven year old cousin when I grow up. 
Linda not only shares one of my names (my middle, her first...and we are not sharing it with you) she shares my love of science. 
However this is not why I want to be just like her. 
She is confident, fearless, and according to her...spicy!
I met Linda for the first time yesterday. She walked into the house stepped right up to me, stuck out her little hand and said, "Hello, my name is Linda, you must be the daughter" 
After introducing herself she went right into bossing everyone around. She had the whole house doing what she wanted in less than 30 seconds. She is my kind of woman! Here are a few little things you should know about Linda

1.) Linda loves dressing up and wearing high heels ... especially the ones that are in my kind of girl! She also loves being stylish. According to her, anything in my closet is stylish, so as long as she is dressed up she is good to go!
2.) Linda's favorite subjects are reading, math, science, and ignoring brothers (her words, not mine) 
3.) Linda loves being spicy. Her favorite food is salsa and it goes on everything. Tonight instead of spaghetti sauce, she used salsa. 

Yes this girl is my favorite. She is kind of a lot to 
handle, steals the covers, and said I looked just like Miley Cyrus (to her I guess that was a compliment) but how can you not love this little spice pot? Did I mention she loves cowboy boots?

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