Friday, May 1, 2009

Please, Slow it down...

Monday is my 21st birthday. It's scary to think about it really. I think I've been waiting my whole life for this day and I'm afraid it might be a big disappointment. 21 is kind of a big deal especially around this college town, but I'll be a week out of finals with enormous homework assignments, ridiculous amounts of tests and one rather silly, yet ridiculously weighted presentation. This is all due the week before finals, and I think that celebrating my 21st birthday might be a not very smart choice, but if i don't live through this week I'll probably regret not going down in a blaze of glory. 

So this blog, like most of my blogs, is going to let you into the ridiculousness that is my brain. There are some things that I keep thinking about, a lot actually. For the most part they are silly and mean nothing, but are something to keep my brain thinking about something rather than falling asleep in class or something like that. So here goes... 

First, I feel like something clicked in my brain this week. I understand science. It's kind of crazy that it has taken three years for me to feel comfortable with it, but finally it's okay. This will probably change by next week, but right now I'm going to bask in the familiarity that is science. 

Second, I will be on another continent in 22 days. I realized today that all the machines in the lab I will be working in will not have English on them. I'm scared. Not of being in a new place with new people and not being able to speak the language, but of the fact that I don't know what the start or stop button looks like. 

Third, When you wear a skirt and go to the bathroom are you supposed to pull the skirt up or down? It's quite the conundrum.  Experience tells me pushing it down is safer. 

Fourth, my feet are purple. Well mostly my toes, but have a nice purply tint to them. I have bad circulation 

Fifth, I will be on another continent in 22 days. I can't get my head around that... I know enough Portuguese to say that I don't understand or speak Portuguese. It's a start right

Sixth, Is what I see as green really what someone else sees as purple but they have been taught that that color is green? We'll never know.... 

That's about it. There are definitely more swirling around this crazy head of mine, but there's only so much the sane people can handle so I'll hold back. 

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