Saturday, April 25, 2009

so take it, take another little piece of my heart

This is my fourth attempt at writing a blog to sum up these past couple of weeks. I can't figure out what exactly needs to be said, or I guess how it needs to be said. Here's a brief summary of the week

I've learned some things about someone who I thought was a good person that has totally changed my view of them. It kind of makes dealing with life difficult. 

I woke up with what i would expect a hangover would feel like. I wasn't intoxicated or even drinking. 

I'm the new vice president of the William Jewell Student Body

I woke up in the back stairwell of Melrose. I had been sleep walking. 

I lost my phone for about 15 hours. I was stressed out and really frustrated with myself. Turns out it was underneath my futon the entire time. 20 missed calls later.... 

A security guard attempted to set me up with another security guard

That's just a brief overview. Ridiculous stories go with each of them, but like i said four attempts and four failures has led to this blog. Maybe a better one will come next

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