Saturday, July 18, 2009

chaves não estão na porta

Well, I don't like living under your spotlight, Just because you think I might find somebody worthy, Oh, I don't like living under your spotlight, Maybe if you treat me right you won't have to worry

It was two o'clock in the morning. I heard him stumble up the flight of stairs, drop his keys and attempt rather loudly to try and unlock the front door. I heard the english curse words come out of his mouth and his unsteady steps once he made it in the door. He fought his way to his new bedroom steadying himself by dragging his hands across the hallway using them as support and direction.
The american has discovered the nightlife of Lisbon.

When I hear him snoring I get out of bed and lock the front door leaving my keys in the lock so everyone can get out if they need to. I turn off the lights and head back to bed.

The morning comes peacefully without the usual noisy roosters in the park or the wail of ambulances down the street or even the usual morning howling from Hugo. I have the house to myself. The American went to Coimbra for the weekend, Hugo is at work and I have nothing but a glorious day to spend in Lisbon. I take my time getting ready and planning my day. When I'm ready I head for the door expecting my keys to be in the inside lock of the front door.
They aren't.
Confused I make a thorough search of my bag and room. No keys. My phone twerps and the message says...
"Baby, I have your keys. Come visit the museum. kisses."
I'm furious. See since Hugo has my keys I can't get out the locked front door. I'm not jumping out the window two stories up and there is no other way out. I tear the house apart looking for an extra set of keys, knowing they don't exist. I'm climbing through windows into the shed, throwing things out of closets and letting all sorts of foul language come out of my mouth in three different languages. No success. I call Hugo and it goes like this...
-Hugo, you have my keys
-Yes yes. haha. I have your keys
-Where are your keys Hugo?
-I have them
-Fodas, what am I supposed to do?
-I'm working. hahaha You just wait for I to get home
-How long are you working Hugo?
-When will you be home?
-I work at 2 then beach to 8 or 9
- (lots of cursewords here)...I'm not staying LOCKED in YOUR house until 8 pm, that is 10 hours Hugo. I will kill you
silence. The laughter stops.
-I come home instead of the beach. I come home at 2.
-I'll be here. Click

After a minor...well major meltdown I pull myself together and cook an exquisite lunch, make peach pie and do all my laundry. When Hugo walks in at 2:30 I'm waiting at the door. I take my keys, walk down the stairs, and hit the streets of Lisbon without a word, relieved and exhilarated to be out of my temporary prison.

I still might kill him, but in the meantime my keys will stay in my pocket for the next two weeks.

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