Thursday, August 13, 2009

crumpled is better

I ran into an old friend recently. It is one of my fears while in Wichita, that I'll run into someone I knew from high school and have an awkward forced conversation that ends in a promise to stay in contact. It happened. It was awkward. We promised to stay in contact, but I had an interesting unique revelation while all this was occurring....

I was walking by her house when she came crashing out of her front door. She had her black hair cut short and pointy and she was chasing after her three year old. Her ability to pull off a vintage dress and combat boots impressed me, but I kept walking in case she didn't recognize me. She did. She called my name while keeping a wary eye on her daughter and the red juice she was drinking from an lidless cup. I walked slowly up the front porch doing the usual chitchat. Talking about where I've been, what I'm studying what I'm doing next, all offered in response to her questions -none of this information given very willingly. Then as the conversation lulls the three year old spills her drink all over the porch. In an adrenaline laced moment, the child is removed from the puddle and a roll of paper towels appears from nowhere. She grabbed ahold of the first paper towel and held on to it between her thumb and forefinger while wrapping the roll round and round her hand like a mummy. Like it was toliet paper.
It was at this moment I realized she repulsed me...

and that I crumple my toilet paper.

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