Monday, August 30, 2010

clean fruit.

My official job title: Gopher

Normally this would be a little frustrating, but it means i get to do all sorts of things. Take my exciting adventure Sunday morning....

I was leaving the house at 9:30 to run to H.E.B. (the grocery store, also affectionately called Ham, eggs, bread or some guys name) to pick up a fruit and vegetable platter for a reception after church. As I'm leaving the pastor pulls up and asks me to take her car so that I can run through the car wash.

So i'm off with a signed blank check, in the pastors car and decide to go through the car wash first. I'm not a big fan of these things because they always give you that weird vertigo that makes you think you are moving when in reality you aren't and then i'm just confused the rest of the day.

I run into HEB after making sure the car is definitely not moving. Find the pre-made platters that were ordered and go to pay with a blank check that I of course didn't sign. Now you can get away with pretty much anything in Eagle Pass. No one parks on the correct side of the street. Left turns from the right lane happen all the time, and no one checks id's. Except this once at HEB. So I plead with the cashier and after a few skeptical looks it goes through. So out i run through the door, later than expected with two very large trays. I make it to the car, put the trays on the roof to open the door, and the fruit tray slides down the rear window spilling its contents. This is definitely not vertigo.

Long story short (ha) there is white fruit dip all over the back of the car and pineapple and strawberries flying off the back as I'm cruising through E.P. So not only did I fail with the clean car, i ruined the fruit tray.

Just another day in the life...

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