Tuesday, August 31, 2010

devestation and detestation

Yesterday I was approached by a woman who worked at an agency downtown.

They asked if the Methodist church could help a women who was pregnant and had seven children under the age of 8.

She was doing all the right things, just ran into some hard times, and couldn't be placed in housing for another month.

The Catholic church turned her away.

Because she wasn't married.

Because her husband left.

The Catholic church told them to try the Methodists.

Anger isn't even the start of it. I'm stuck today wishing there was a huge cache of money somewhere to help all the people in need down here. Everyday I see the poorest of poor. The ones without running water. The ones who use the restroom outside and have to decide between feeding their children or paying the electricity bill. Sure there are people here who just take advantage of those who are willing to help, but then there are women like this one who just can't get on her feet.

A person who needs help is a person who needs help. It doesn't matter their education level, their family ties, who they know, or even their legal status.

When do we all learn that we are called to look out and care for people like this?

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