Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ramped up love

It's a long long way from Myrtle Beach to LA, Anything could change her mind, one sunset, one regret, she could turn around, come back, and be mine. Then everything would be just fine, Happy Endings happen all the time....

I have a new job. For the state of Texas. An official one.

One that comes with a laptop, blackberry, copier/scanner/fax, milage reimbursement, and a big girl salary.

Yet with all this it's hard to think about tearing myself away from the families here in Eagle Pass. The ones that wouldn't make enough in a year to afford the technology that is going to just be handed to me.

At church yesterday, some of my new friends came to visit. The Pimental's are a couple living in a bright pink trailer. The windows are broken out from a storm in May, there is no electricity, no plumbing and no indoor toilet. Guillermo had a stroke and cannot make it up the stairs into his trailer. He has to crawl. When you walk through the trailer you have to avoid the soft spots that would give way if too much weight is applied. The left wall of the trailer rests precariously against two rotted beams that hold it up. If you apply too much pressure it will fall away from the body of the trailer. Volunteers at the church spent the last weekend building a ramp so that the wheelchair and Guillermo can get into his house. The Volunteers also promised to come back and build them a real house. One with wires and pipes and handicap accessibility. Guillermo and Juanita cried the whole weekend.

After all of that they were at a church that doesn't speak their language. And they brought with them their neighbor and her two children. They wanted to show how grateful they were for the help.

We are so used to being comfortable and staying in our comfort zone that many of us would never even think about going to a church where you won't understand anything. Or standing up in front of the congregation and telling everyone how much your life has changed in just a week. All it takes is a little love, a willing heart, and capable hands.

Now I have to remove myself from stories like these. Not because I won't be helping anymore, but because I get to share this love through many more neighborhoods and towns. It's exciting to see this spread...

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