Monday, September 20, 2010


"Even in war there are rules. And in any conflict there are protocols or guarantees to the warring sides, to safeguard the integrity of the journalists covering them. Therefore, I reiterate, gentlemen of the various drug trafficking organizations, explain what you want from us so we can stop paying our infringements with the lives of our colleagues." -

This is what Mexico has fallen to. Living on the border is a completely different world. While I feel completely safe on this side of the fence, I also know the stories of what is happening on the other side. I hear stories of grenades being thrown in front of police buildings, journalists being killed or blackmailed, trucks and SUVs being stolen at gunpoint, police helping the gang members escape. And all of these coming from a completely different world that is three blocks to the south of where I am now.

Residents live in fear of being caught in the crossfire. Of losing their families, their homes and their lives.

If this isn't a time to start praying for God's intervention, I don't know what is.

I wasn't going to share the website that reported what a paper in Juarez wrote to the druglords and cartels, but the article was moving. This type of news doesn't normally make it further north. Usually the story stops on the border, but not today.

I heard a story today of two small children living on the streets in Piedras. Recently they witnessed the death of their father, mother and grandmother by one of the gangs here in town. The children were then left to fend for themselves. None of the orphanages will take them because the gang issued a warning, that these children were left to pay the debt of their killed family members. If someone takes them away, the gang will track the children down and bring them back using whatever means is necessary.

The money that Eagle Pass gets from the Border tolls is down by 83%. Residents of Eagle Pass that were raised or have family in Piedras don't go to Mexico. Families are getting out, coming back to the United States where it is safer.

It makes you wonder why the United States isn't fighting this battle. Of course, the real question is how would you even start, but like I said before if you aren't praying for intervention..... start.

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