Friday, October 8, 2010

You're not in Kansas anymore....

This is the sound of one voice, One spirit, one voice, The sound of one who makes a choice, This is the sound of one voice...

The minute she opens the door and ushers me in, she begins to apologize for the mess and disorder. The deer heads on the wall have a dull, half paying attention look taxidermied onto their face and the cabinets have no doors. The door has been cracked open all day, even though they haven't been home, so that the dog, Chiquita, can come and go.

Instantly I am at home. The arm chair sucks me in and cradles me close, threatening to swallow me whole. The wine numbs my soul.

This is Eagle Pass. This is the home of someone who has never left town. Always Eagle Pass. Always home.

The home that is full of corruption and politics. Drugs and murder, and yet at the same time, houses those who have hearts longer than the Rio Grande and more open than the Chihuahuan desert.

The rumor around these parts these days is that I'm running for Mayor. I laugh it off, but know in the back of my head that the connections I've made here are very powerful. In my phone are the numbers of County Commissioners, Ex-Mayors, and a Judge or two. And we know each other on a first name basis. There is no way I would win. Because I'm white. And a woman. But the fact that these men know who I am means I can push my own agenda. One that isn't corrupt or political in the least. One that fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. One that would flip this town upside down.

Maybe that's why I was sent down to Eagle Pass.

Maybe that is why this place feels more and more like home.

This is the sound of all of us, Singing with love and the will to trust, Leave the rest behind it will turn to dust, This is the sound of all of us

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