Monday, March 2, 2009

Heaven in a jar

I ate my Momma T's salad dressing for the first time since Christmas. It brought back a flood of memories, but this is what stayed in my mind... 

I'm sitting on the front porch
 of the White House in a rocking chair that has seen better days. It is flaking white paint and every other rock or so you have to stop and put the pegs of the legs back into the rockers. I'm sitting watching the gorgeous Louisiana sun set behind highway 49. The colors are more vibrant t
han I've ever seen, the noise is distant, and children are busy. There is a cool breeze that washes away the heat of the day. I look over the street and watch a football fly by, three bikes go by even faster, two with riders without helmets. Those two are breaking Cardinal rule #1, but I can't bring myself to yell for fear of breaking this extreme peace I feel. I slowly rock back and watch the sun sink a little farther, rock forward and watch another child ride by. I almost don't feel the tiny weight of a little body crawling on my lap. I'm pulled out of my thoughts long enough to see the smile that covers her face ear to ear. She tucks her head under my chin and snuggles into the crook of my arm as I continue rocking. This my friends is peace. No worries, no stress, just beauty and lots of lvoe. Where there is time to just sit and listen or watch, time to enjoy each other.  

I have a feeling this is how Heaven will be... 


Krysten said...

oh girl.
thank you for taking me back there. and i very much agree, i think heaven will be a lot like the front porch of the white house.
lvoe you.

Brian said...

At the moment I just really want to do more physics, and going to graduate school will allow me to do so for at least 7 more years. After that, I think I'd like to teach, probably at the undergraduate level. I think my prof really enjoys what he does, and I think I'd enjoy it too.