Saturday, March 28, 2009

The constant compromise

3:30 pm
i made it through another week. I let myself fall asleep on the futon and set the alarm for two hours from now to make it to dinner.

alarm clock goes off. I don't move

alarm clock goes off. I don't move

alarm clock goes off. I roll over and turn it off

open my eyes to mere squints to see who is calling. turn phone completely off. 

decide i'm hungry and have a little adventure

10:45 approximately 25 minutes into the movie the Hulk
Out again. Everyone laughs

1:52 am 
still awake. I tried sleeping more, but my brain is confused. I really need to work on this sleep schedule. Though I'm really enjoying getting things done knowing I'm one of the last ones awake... i know i am going to pay for it tomorrow. Maybe with another five hour nap. 

Here's some random things to keep you occupied while hopefully i sleep 

-My window looks out onto the kansas city skyline. I hardly ever close my curtains. I like it being the first and last thing i look at when sleep finally does come. 

-I rearranged my room tonight. It made me miss Sarah, she always helps me

-I need a date to a whiskey tango wedding. Anyone interested? You're going to have to be comfortable with big farm boys, lots of alcohol and definitely need to be able to handle a shotgun. I figured more people would fit these requirements

-i have to be up in four hours to get ready for my first standardized test extravaganza. MCAT here i come.... I'll either be giddy tomorrow, scared to death, or dead from exhaustion. I'll let you know how my scores come out with that combination of effects. We'll call it our own little science experiment

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