Monday, November 2, 2009


I went to talk to my advisor, so that he could remove the registration restriction so that I could enroll for classes in two days. Better late than never, I guess. And really after seven semesters I've got this whole routine down.
While I was standing in his office, I was pacing back and forth and surveying the collections of goodies that every quality science lover has. He had every shape and size of glassware; beakers bigger than my head, flasks full of fluorescent glass bulbs, even itty-bitty glassware that looked like it served no purpose. He had shelves full of books covering his favorite science topics, for a little light reading in his free time. But his most prized possession was a collection of flies that had been pinned and labeled in a fold-down glass box. I normally just glance over the flies because they kind of make me sick, but today I was enticed. I looked over the little ones, the ones that shone green, even the big ones with round fat bellies.
I've been presented with a fork in the road. One is wide-open and free, but requires cutting a few heartstrings. The other has the outcome similar to the flies in the glass box. Both are exhilarating for obviously different reasons. Somedays I'm ready to veer left and be wild and free. Other days I'm confident in my choice to go right.

But what is the right choice? And what will I choose when the decision absolutely has to be made...

See, I'm just not sure if i want to be pinned down yet.

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