Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've decided I like being on campus when it is "closed"

You can wear the same outfit three days in a row and not run into a single person who would know the difference.

You get to stomp through the snow that hasn't been cleared from campus, unless of course you are traveling from the President's house to his office, in which case it is impeccably clean.

You get to see teachers at their best. Showing up in sweats and bedhead hair, embarrassed to be running into a student who is dressed exactly the same.

You can get up to no good with a certain set of keys, and no one will know... (shout out to my friends KP and CC)

You get to hold glorious hour long conversations with Sharon the security guard. She'll even drive you home

Then the week is gone and people are on campus, and the snow is shoveled, and the teachers are back in appropriate business clothing, and Sharon can no longer drive you home. It's kind of like growing up, you can't fight it, just have to accept it.

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Kate said...

ahhhhhhh sneaky!!