Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Morning little School girl

With a dreary brain and heavy eyelids I push my foot out of bed. I put on a pair of shoes, drag my keys off the table and walk out the door.
Too tired to think about a coat.
I haven't seen this hour since last semester and my body doesn't like it.

The car starts, the heat doesn't.

Normally I would realize that I didn't have my contacts in, but the oppressive fog, like the sleep that is clinging to my eyes doesn't let me see past the drive.

I make it to campus before my fingers have lost all their heat, but just barely.

Collin shows up to unlock the door and gives me a really long one over.
He asks, "rough night?"

It's funny because it wasn't. I was in bed by midnight. But as he was leaving I realized I was in all sorts of disarray, made all the more clear by the mismatching sweats and rumpled t-shirt. The two different shoes, and hairdo that tried to pretend it was a ponytail.

Luckily it was way too early for anyone else to be on campus. Unfortunately I wouldn't be done until right when the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration was getting ready to start.

It's college. It's okay. I have one more semester of this acceptable disheveledness and I'm going to relish every minute.

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