Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spice up your life

I was a pretty reasonable small child. While other girls were falling in love with Leonardo Dicaprio's character Jack in the Titanic, boy bands, and Pound Puppies I was out beating kids with sticks and falling out of trees. I remember girls fawning over Johnathan Taylor Thomas and how he would be their husband. My remark was always, "he has no idea you are even alive." I was a cynical child what can I say?

So when the next best thing came around I would just roll my eyes and watch with disdain at the oodles of adoring fans that mean absolutely nothing to the next up and coming star. That was until the beginning of my Junior year of college...

We were introducing the new freshman class to the RA's of Melrose and there was no better way to do it than as the Jewell Spice Girls. Laugh if you must but Perch Spice could compete with the best of them, and anyone would want to be rocked by Responsible Spice...she had the whole borderline dominatrix role down.

The only problem was that there was nothing in my wardrobe that could even remotely be passed off as spice girl material. Sure I had some high heels that made my legs for days go on for even longer, and a few sun dresses, but Victoria and all the other spice girls would think I was a Protestant the way my sundresses covered my knees and shoulders.

There was only one solution and our ever-fashion savvy Spirit Spice had it. Leggings. Even better yet, matching leggings that would pull the whole ensemble together.

So I gave in to the fashion crave and bought my first pair of black leggings. They went under a shirt that in honor of the Spice Girls was not associated by a pair of pants (just the leggings, which we aren't considering pants....I'm not that fashion forward, unless we were in Europe)

We rocked the leggings, we rocked the choreographed dance, we rocked the introduction. We even danced for the entire freshman class on the Ely triangle. I mean you couldn't have accepted the fashion fad any better.

And needless to say, those black leggings were just the start. Now I have an entire drawer devoted to leggings, tights, leg warmers, and big socks, but every time those black ones come out I sense my childhood cynicism falling away piece by piece.

So thanks Spice Girls for taking the cynicism out of me and seeing that the world can be a better place if you just spice it up a little....

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