Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hey-oh looks who's still in Wichita...

Restless would be an understatement. Frustrated would be much too weak. Unsettled wouldn't quite do it justice. Throw them all together and you would be getting closer, but still no cigar.

If you haven't picked up by now, I'm still in Wichita. Something about paperwork and insurance and yadda yadda.... translation: Still here.

So in an angry rage at the world, and because my dog ate my new shorts, I went out on the town. Wichita has some great gems including...

A store that sells caskets and urns in the west mall.

Water-logged bike paths

A store for all your home brewing needs

Enough orange construction cones to wrap around the world 30 times, or at least seriously divert all the traffic between here and China

A restaurant that only sells hotdogs, but does them about 60 different ways

Quality drivers who stop on entrance ramps to the highway


Gotta love your hometown, right? Right?

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