Tuesday, June 29, 2010

one more stop

The breeze blew softly through the newly planted basil and thyme in the window boxes. The trees that lined the fence had been growing for only a few years and were still in their leggy stage. They were each wrapped in twinkling white christmas lights adding to the ambiance of the outdoor patio. The murmur of the highway that was two blocks away was slowed down and drowned out by the cooing music in the background. There were a handful of people in the bar having conversations ranging from the musical composition techniques of the masters, and the most recent royals game, to a new pair of high heels that matched an outfit perfectly. At first it was an entirely new experience. A bar that none of us had ever visited. One that was laid-back and tucked away so that only the devoted would find it. But then they brought out glasses of water. They were tall and cylindrical. The same type of glasses that were used all over Spain and Portugal.

And with a clink of the glass on the metal outdoor furniture I was off to the land of my dreams. The land that seems further and further away everyday. One I want to keep all my own, and yet share with everyone at the same time.

He pulled me back after letting me reminisce for a minute. He said, "I know that face. That is the face of remembering. What are you thinking about?" I smiled and let him know he was right, then dived back into the conversation on the importance of instant replay for the World Cup.

And like that I was back to the streets of Kansas City, sitting with friends, enjoying the cool of the night.

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