Thursday, September 10, 2009

oh how the mighty have fallen...

It was late. I had fallen asleep on a couch in a house that wasn't mine and after a lot of coaxing and pleading for five more minutes, was finally convinced to make the two and a half block walk home to my own eagerly awaiting bed. I gathered my things, put on my big rubber boots and stumbled down the street.

At the corner I was brought out of my stupor by the loud ferocious barking of an enormous dog. The sleep from my eyes was gone in milliseconds as my body fought through the fight or flight decision. The dog was mere inches from the toe of my large rubber boots and the thought of giving him a quick kick crossed my mind before i realized he was a very short jump from my throat, and needed no coaxing to do something vicious.

So i clutched my pile of things closer and slowly backed away keeping my head down. The barking continued as I inched backwards and the dog pushed closer. Then all of a sudden I felt a stabbing pain in the back of my leg, and my feet give from underneath me. Figuring this was the end and hoping that someone would find me in the morning i let myself fall, covering my neck in case the dog was coming for blood.

It took a few seconds to realize that the barking had stopped and that my neck was still in one piece. I looked up and saw the dog had left. The dog was throughly amused that I was taken down by a fire hydrant, probably the very one he had just relieved himself on.

oh how the mighty have fallen....

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