Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I can only think of one...

Down a back road, Long, hot summer, A couple kids runnin' loose and wild
He kissed her, She said mister, Take an inch and I'll give you a mile

The breeze has finally made its glorious debut. It comes through the window and brings with it a release from the stifling heat that has been hanging on like an unwelcome guest for too long. The breeze refreshes the musty too small cramped bedroom with dark purple sheets as well as every bone in my body. The past few days have been so full, there is no room to even start. There has been no time for thinking or digesting what is going on, hardly any time for food, but always time for coffee. I have learned three new techniques, figured out a computer program, and run two assays that have not previously been done. I have proven 15 portuguese Phd's wrong....twice. This was only in two days. The speed at which things are progressing are ridiculously scary. I run to get things done in time, while watching advisors sit and check email. The hierarchy of science says this is okay, their name will even be put first on the journal article, in front of the people who actually worked on the project. This upsets me, makes me shut down and answer in only one syllable answers, but tonight the words return with the prodigal breeze, that makes everything better. 

I miss hearing my name. A lot. There is a familiarity and comfort that I get when I hear my name, but i haven't heard it in ages. The portuguese do not have a K in their alphabet. That makes my name hard for them to pronounce, so they just don't. 

I saw a man today sitting in the backseat of his car. Playing the accordion. I love portugal. 

This weekend I am starting a new adventure. My professor will leave and it will just be me in Portugal. I'm actually really thrilled to start this chapter of the trip. Hopefully I won't cause too much trouble... 

someone is puking outside my window. Yes the saint party is still raging. We are on day six now. 

I got invited to spend weekends with one of the Phd's in my lab. She's technically overseeing the project that I'm doing, and she is really funny. So is her husband. I'm excited because people don't ever invite guests into their house/family life here, especially elegant american giants.

Today at the store i was checking out in front of a man who was only buying nutri-grain bars and whiskey. I wish i knew the story behind that one... 

Work is calling my name and it is 11 o'clock. What happened to my fun laid-back adventure? 

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