Friday, June 19, 2009

tome minha mao...

I Love Scuffed Up Cowboy Boots, And Broke In Tore Up Jeans, A Four Wheel Drive Eight Point Bucks
And Rocky Road Ice Cream, And Hell Yes I Love My Dog, And Jack D In My Coke, But Honey I love your love the most..

The cool breeze that moves in from the river does not make it into my bedroom. It gets lost somewhere between the statue of Marquis Pombal and the graffitied bus stop a block from my front door. The curtains in my bedroom don't ever move and the oppresive 40 degree heat from the day doesn't want to give-in to the night. So I have retreated to the balcony of the apartment where I can at least imagine the breeze coming my way, sometimes even feel something when a car drives too fast down the road underneath me. I'm feeling tired, reflective, lonely even, yearning for things that I cannot have.  

I have to give a presentation to 15 PhD's on monday. I thought the professors at Jewell were intimidating, I can only imagine what these people can do to me. 

I have acquired a new love for vinho verde. Portugal wine that translated, yes means green wine, but it is sweet, crisp, and bubbly. A bottle is the perfect end to a blistering day. 

I have lost my willpower. Chocolate Croissants, coffee, and a certain someone are always on my mind. 

I had an overwhelming desire today to just hold someone's hand. Or I guess have someone hold mine. Complete with interlocking fingers and everything. I got used to it in Barcelona and now I miss that reassuring feeling that comes when someone takes your hand. It's silly really, but I like it... 

I got kissed on the shoulder today. It was as high as my landlord could reach. I cried from laughing so hard after he left. He's infatuated with my legs, as is the rest of Portugal. They aren't used to someone my height. I'm called the elegant giant in lab... I feel like the giant part might be right, but elegant is obviously not translated into english right. 

I want someone to sing this song to me... 

and to finish my presentation...

and to convince Portugal that air-conditioning is okay

until then, I'll be here. Blazing my own trail, dreaming of my forgotten cowboy boots, air-conditioning, and that certain someone who can take my hand anytime he wants.  

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Krysten said...

it was so wonderful to talk to you today! i miss you friend.