Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life, love, and lab

your the kinda boy my daddy used to warn, would walk into my life and lead me down the wrong way, Im the kinda girl who tried hard to ignore, those things that daddy warned about those kinda boys. Well whats a girl to do with a big old boy like you, when we sit around and talk those we can just talk about, like making love and drinkin until the sun comes up

I've had three days to work in the lab and am nearly convinced that this isn't what I want to do with the rest of my life. 

-I have dissected way too many rats and wrestled with my ideas on the sanctity of life, even if they are rats
-I have cleaned and disinfected hundreds of glass sides.... hundreds
-I have sat through hours and hours of presentations on the brain, receptors, and caffeine. I have learned though that you shouldn't do meth and take caffeine at the same time... bad side effects
-I've mastered the metro system in Lisbon
-I've stopped using contractions in my speech, and slang, and big vocabulary. I miss that's what she said jokes the most

There have been some things that i enjoy however
-breakfast every morning with my landlord Hugo. He greets me with a hello darling, and compliments my beauty at 7 in the morning after i have rolled out of bed
-Beach time. I am four metro stops from a beautiful Portuguese beach. Expect a much tanner Kelsey to return to the states
-Cafe. This might be my downfall. Expresso teeming with sugar taken down in two gulps. I have at least three a day. 
-Running the hills of Lisbon. Up, down, and up again in only three blocks. I love it. My lungs love it. My legs love it. The Portuguese think i'm crazy... they don't run here

The Portuguese do not put their hands on their hips or cross their arms unless they are very very upset. It makes me stick out a little when i do these things... okay well maybe a lot. 

Life continues... this weekend we go to Sintra, i'll start more primary cultures, and start playing with chemicals... 

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Liz said...

You are going to love Sintra! It's beautiful (like you at 7 in the morning). Miss you and love you!