Sunday, June 14, 2009


A better rain, The kind that comes in off the coast and paints the sky, And lets you know that God's alive, A better rain, That'll wash me from your eyes so you can smile again, And be all right again, In a better rain

I spent the weekend at the beach processing everything I have seen and heard and done for the past 20 days. Here's what i've decided/learned 

1. I love fish. It is amazingly delicious
2. I love water. I think i was meant to live by a large body of water
3. Sand and sun is one of the best things to put anyone to sleep 

My ultimate decision is that I was not meant to be a Midwestern girl. I wasn't meant to live in the middle of a continent. I've been missing out on way too much! 

The tan is coming along nicely, the portuguese isn't as well, but what can you do? I start work tomorrow and man-oh-man am i excited/nervous/anxious/hopeful we'll see how it goes. They keep hinting at dissections... i think i'm going to be just fine here!

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Liz said...

I totally feel you on the being meant to live near a large body of water thing. I think I'm part mermaid.