Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brother against Brother

And i'm winning you with words because i have no other way, I want to look into your face without your eyes turning away, Last night i watched you sing because a person has to try, And i walked home in the rain because a person can not lie

The rain was coming down without raindrops. It was a gentle easy mist that made the world look hazy and dreamy. The quad was deserted and dark as I walked from the Union towards my home away from home. As I passed under lights I was struck with the beauty of the refraction of the light on the hazy rain. It made the lamp posts pool with a shimmery light, like all the romantic movie scenes, the ones we dream about where our true love is waiting for us in this dream world. Waiting to sweep us off our feet, where everything is perfect. As I walked through the hazy rain from one pool of light to the next a new figure rose out of the mist. He gave away his age as he limped up the ramp slowly, leaning heavily on the cane in his right hand, causing the gold tassels on his shoulders to shimmer with each step. The gold buttons running down the length of his uniform gave way to a gold belt that would make any girl who craves vintage clothing drool. The gray in his uniform was the same color as his hair and as he stopped in another pool of light I saw confederate flag on his uniform.
We crossed paths in the hazy dream world, under my breath I muttered... Viva la revolution.
He gave me a fist pump and a knowing smile.

We walked through the haze, he to his battle wherever that may be. And me, back to my fight with science. One that wasn't going to be as bloody as his fight, but equally as painful.

But it did leave me to contemplate just what exactly a confederate soldier, well past his prime was doing on the quad tonight.

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