Thursday, October 8, 2009


He asked why I was laughing and I answered that I liked it. His smile showed his approval and I kept laughing while he took my hands and pulled me from my seat. I laughed when my feet weren't going the right direction, and when my hands decided to stop following his and try to lead the way, and when his elbow collided with my forehead. I laughed as he spinned me faster and faster. My hair came undone, but I kept spinning. My shoes last traction, but I kept spinning. The room went out of focus, but still i was spinning.

Spinning and laughing and smiling. A soothing medicine for my bruised and tired soul. Today when I reached out, someone was there to take my hand. It may have been a simple dance, but it resounded with my struggles of the past weeks.

A simple outstretched hand. Simple, with little meaning, but strong enough to ignite my heart and jump start my brain. A hand, a presence, a desire.
This is what I ask for.

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